Born in Guildford and raised in Godalming I have spent most of my life in west Surrey, England, where I am probably best known for having organised and promoted folk clubs, festivals, concerts and dances for over 40 years. During that time what little writing I have had published has been confined to articles and reviews for the folk magazine I co-founded, fROOTS.

        My involvement with books, up until now, has been solely as an illustrator, having over the years illustrated wargaming almanacs, folk dance manuals and, most recently, Janet Dowling's Surrey Folk Tales.

        In the 1990's I wrote a couple of stories for my own amusement, Redbone & Tatterjack and Lazar, both of which then collected dust for over a decade. With the advent of electronic self-publishing I thought I'd have a go at blowing the dust off one of the manuscripts and chose Lazar (because it was the shortest!). On reading it for the first time in many years I realised that, due to the enormous advances in computer technology and the invention of the mobile phone, it would require an extensive rewrite. A year later it was ready for publication.

        I am currently rewriting Redbone & Tatterjack and working up the plot of a new story, The Four Crowned Martyrs.

The photo shows Lawrence with his daughter Lucy, son Liam and wife Linda at Dorney Lake in 2012

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